V.I.P Manifestation Bundle

Destiny Drive

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This is the ultimate manifestation bundle with everything you need to start manifesting your best life:

STEP 1 - Manifestation Mist

Spray your Manifestation Mist above your head (your crown chakra), close your eyes and take a deep breath. This Manifestation Mist will assist with embedding your goals into your subconscious mind while also improving your mood and focus with it's fresh citrus scent. 

STEP 2 - Iridescent Intention Tumbler (500mls, BPA free)

Fill your Iridescent Intention Tumbler with your morning drink of choice (iced coffee, lemon water, kombucha, anything!) and use it each morning as work on your journaling practice. Set your intention for the day as you slowly sip on your morning drink in a mindful manner.

STEP 3 - 26 Day Manifestation Journal

Delve deep with self assessment tools, journaling prompts and visualiation tools. Get clarity on your goals, and track your manifestations. Build positive habits into your life with the daily vibration raising routine. Connect with like-minded individuals in the Destiny Drivers Facebook group.

STEP 4 - Crystal Journaling Pen

Setting intentions are powerful no matter which way to do it, but there is something about using a pen that holds so much more power. Upgrade that experience even more with a premium rose gold crystal journaling pen with a keep sake box.

STEP 5 - Surprise Incentive Crystal Pouch

It might be tempting, but DO NOT open the surprise incentive crystal pouch until you complete all of the 26 days in the challenge. This is the final step in your V.I.P Manifestation Bundle and it's time to celebrate and reflect. This crystal will be your daily reminder that you are worthy and amazing for dedicating 26 days to yourself.