The Manifesting Duo - Manifestation Journal + Oracle Guidance Deck

Destiny Drive

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The Manifesting Duo is everything you need to establish your spiritual daily practice. This combo will provide you with guidance and enhance your intuition with through developing positive self care and self development habits.

Duo Item #1 - Angel Numbers & Signs Oracle Guidance Deck

The Readings by Ness Angel Numbers & Signs Oracle Guidance Deck is a unique addition to your daily spiritual routine. Not only can you use it to connect with the Universe for daily guidance, but you can also use it to look up common angel signs you may be receiving throughout the day!

How to Use the Angel Numbers & Signs Oracle Guidance Deck:

As an Oracle Deck: These cards can be used like any other oracle deck. Be sure to cleanse them before using them and take the time to focus on connecting with your angels with the purest intentions. You can hold them close to your heart and ask your angels what they would like you to know. Shuffle the deck and pull your cards. Be sure to thank your angels for their message of love! 

As Daily Guidance: If you are receiving angel numbers or signs throughout your day, use this deck as a glossary or guide. Find the sign you are seeing in the deck and read the meaning of the message your angels are trying to send you. Reflect on how you can align yourself with your angel message to achieve your highest good.

Message from Ness - "My intention has always been to create something special to help others connect with their angels with loving and gentle energy - to share some guidance with others who have at some point in their lives struggled with their spiritual identity. I hope that this deck touches the hands of all those in need of guidance and it helps them to move forward with complete love, faith and trust in their guides."

Duo Item #2 - 26 Day Manifestation Momentum Journal 

This one-of-a-kind manifestation journal will help you define your ideal life, and manifest it. You really can be, do, and have anything you desire.

Upgrade your mindset using the Law of Attraction.

Whether you're in a bit of a rut, or already feeling motivated, this manifestation journal will upgrade your life in the best possible way.

The Destiny Drive 26 Day Manifestation Journal is a unique challenge that includes:

  • Life assessment activities
  • Goal setting support
  • Block clearing tools 
  • Health goal tracker
  • Manifestation tracker
  • Journal prompts
  • Daily vibration raising routine

Exclusive Destiny Drivers Facebook Group

Journal owners will be given access to the exclusive Destiny Drivers Facebook group where you can get support, find an accountability partner, share your progress and celebrate your manifestations.